note: this will be fixed later thank you JCama 2.

Tuesday, January 12,1887

Cousins Lee and Ella Came with their baby Earl,they came with a covered wagon and a stove, I Think Earl Is real pretty. He is just beginning to talk and say everything you say. He thinks everything of Laura's baby and so do i. They stayed two weeks and then went away. Laura has a baby and it is just beginning to smile, it is eight weeks old. her name is Rose. Oh,yes Cousin Peter came with my cousins too, and is staying here now.

Wednesday, January 29,1887

It is a blizzard today, i'm glad it is not a school day. i am in Miss Masters right now and i'm glad.

Wednesday, February 9,1887

Today is a very warm day, only the wind blows quite hard from the South, it is thawing. I haven't been to school for a week and Carrie has,She stayed up to Miss Masters, and went to school and in the evening took care of the boys while Miss Masters went to an entertainment, Carrie went to it on Saturday for 10 hrs, Yesterday Mr.and Mrs.Boast came over with Mrs.Collins and her boy Mr.George Collins and Mr.Frank Peck, we had lots of fun and after dinner Mr.Collins played the violin and on his mouth organ,after he got threw playing Carrie and I played the organ they went home in the evening.Pa is deputy sheriff now he went up town this morning for Mr.Feildby's horse's and critter. Mr.Feildby went away from town for something.

Sunday, March 20,1887

Today it is snowing and it is warm. A Little while ago the snow was nearly all gone. but now there is lots of it. Laura was or a week ago put Rose in short dresses.Rose is a big fat baby but just as pretty.We have been to school nearly all this week.If you stay out you'll loose your holiday.I Like to go to school.

Saturday, March 26,1887

Today it is quite cold but all the snow is gone.Laura has not been her for two weeks nor we were their.